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FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)  

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  • Q:  How much does it cost to run an ad?

Answer:  Our ad prices will vary based upon the service chosen.  We offer 3 routine schedules (Rush Hour, Mid-Day and Week Nights Plus).  We also offer 2 special engagement services... (Big Ticket and Private Engagement)  Click Here to see a Rate Card of some of our services.

  • Q:  How long will my ad run?

Answer:  Each ad runs for 30 days based upon our standard contract.

  • Q:  How often will my ad display?

Answer:  Each ad runs for 10 seconds and then is placed in a FIFO queue (First In, First Out) with all other ads running on the same screen.  We never run more than 20 ads on a single screen.  Based upon this, if we were running at maximum (very rare) , your ad would display once every 200 seconds.  If we are lower than full capacity (quite often) your ad would run more often.  For example: If we have only 6 ads running, your ad would run every 60 seconds

  • Q:  Why do you have a setup fee?

Answer:  The initial setup fee of $150.00 covers the cost of your ad template and the services of a professional graphic artist to customize your ad.  It also covers an initial administrative fee necessary to start your account and load your ad on the ad trailer.

  • Q:  Can I create my own ad to avoid the setup fee?

Answer:  Yes, if you create your own ad or have a third party create an ad for you, $75.00 of the initial setup fee will be waived.  Your ad will however need to meet our technical guidelines, submission deadlines, and rules for appropriate content.  Contact us via email or phone if you have further questions.

  • Q:  What screen size and resolution should I use to make my own ad?

Answer:  The screen size is 70 inch diagonal presented in a portrait format.  The resolution must be 1268 x 1920 pixels.  Graphic design must look professional, be rendered from Hi-Def images and be developed at 300 dpi or better.  We only accept jpg as the file format.  A screen template for Photoshop is available for download here.  Please make note of the bleed and text safe areas.

  • Q:  Do you run adult ads?

Answer:  No.  We do not display ads with adult content. We also reserve the right to refuse any ad for any reason.  In general we won't display ads of an offensive nature to any group based upon race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age or other protected classes.    

  •  Q:  What proof do you provide that my ad is running?

Answer:  At the beginning of each ad period, we send you a picture of your ad displayed on our ad trailer, in a public place.  In addition, a daily GPS location report is sent to you via email that details where your ad was on display and approximately when.  

  • Q:  Where does your ad car/trailer go?

Answer:  The short answer is... we go all over the greater Nashville area, over time.  Click Here to see a sample map of some of our drive routes.

  • Q:  What Big Events do you cover?

Answer:  Many of the Big Events that we would typically cover often conflict with our regular Ad Schedules however, we do have planned blackout dates to cover major Big Events like the CMA awards, Bonnaroo, and Titan games.  Our Big Event coverage is subject to frequent change.  Please contact us via email or phone for specific information.  

  • Q:  How much is it to rent the whole trailer?

Answer:  The ad trailer may be rented for special engagements based on availability.  Rates are quoted in writing only.   Please contact us via phone or email for more information.  You may also use our Private Bookings web form located here.

  • Q:  Can I determine when and where you drive?

Answer:  The short answer is no... however we try to cover all of Nashville areas, over time.  If you have a certain route that you want us to cover, we will TRY to fulfill your request.

  • Q:  Can my ad be a video?

Answer:  No. Current local laws prohibit the display of video advertising targeting individuals that may be operating a motor vehicle on a public road.  

  • Q:  How many ads do you run on each screen?

Answer: Our contracted threshold is no more than 20 ads per screen but... we rarely reach this level.  At full capacity, your ad will run once every 3 minutes and 20 seconds.  At quarter capacity, your ad will run every minute.  

  • Q:  Will my ad show on all three screens of your ad trailer?

Answer: Generally it's one ad, one screen however, if you purchase three ads... then yes, your ad could run on all three screens.  We call this a distributed multiple ad (or DMA).  You could instead have the three ads run in sequence on the same screen.  This would "by effect" would make your ad 30 seconds long instead 10 seconds.  This ad model is know as sequential multiple advertising (or SMA).  Finally, it is possible to run a distributed SMA ad campaigne (DSMA).

  • Q:  Can I track the car/trailer via GPS real-time?

Answer:  No.  At this time you cannot track the ad trailer real-time.  This service might become available at a future date, so check back every now and then.