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Mobile Billboard: Mobile Billboard Advertising for $500


Mobile Billboard Advertising: Get Your Business Noticed!

Welcome to Ads That Move online.  We are a multimedia advertising company that can't sit still.  Our mission (plain and simple) is to "DRAW ATTENTION" to our clients!  How we do that however, is anything but plain and simple.  In fact, our strategic approach is absolutely one of the most innovative around.  So what do we do exactly...?  We display clients' ads on our HD Jumbo-Tron monitors and drive them around the city in high traffic, high crowd areas.  Think of it as a moving digital billboard!  We cruise downtown, we circle the stadium during the game, we drive slow in the fast lane,  we turn left in rush hour traffic!  Our motto is, "We follow the crowd."  Check out our video below  to get an idea of our service in action.

Choose From Four Targeted Ad Schedules

Unforgettable High Def Ads
We work with you to professionally designed an ad that commands attention and deliver breathtaking unforgettable results!
Target Marketing
We select routes based upon time of day and day of week to target a wide variety of desirable demograpics profiles in mass.
Daily GPS Travel Reports
Included in our service, we email you a daily travel reports so that you know exactly where (and when) your ad was on display.


  • I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU AdsThatMove! This was the first year that our "little" fashion show sold out! Yeah!!!! We know that it was mainly because of your service and the amazing ad your team put together. Now we're NOT so little. See you again next year!

    Yolanda Williams - Fashion Designer & Model
  • Wow! What an awesome service! We had never seen anything like it before. The instant I saw the ad trailer, I knew that it was special. We got great results from our ad right away. Its now the cornerstone of our advertising strategy. To anyone considering AdsThatMove, I HIGHLY recommend their service!

    Jack Anderson- Music City Realty Plus
  • "AdsThatMove was just what our new restaurant needed. Everyone absolutely loved our ad!  The attention drawing design and witty message helped set us apart from our competition.  We regularly get new customers that say they saw us on the AdsThatMove ad trailer. "

    We're very happy with our results!

    Dave & Pete Simmer  - Simmering Chefs Restaurant